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We are on all leading platform with intuitive user interface that is on par with the best of industry standards.

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Want to take your business to the next level where its reach is limitless and possibilities countless. Bizmate is the platform that will catapult your business to the heights you have never imagined.


Manage Orders with Multiple Branches/Stores
Generate in one click
E-Invoice / E-way Bill
Multi Pricing for Various Customers
Offline Orders and Order Form for Sales Executives
Track your Sales Team
Reports and Dashboard for Decision Making
Stock/ Inventory Management
Audit Trail

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Simplify Your Business

Inventory Management

• Manage and view inventory on the app
• Inventory uploads via excel
• Sync with your existing system

Warehouse Management

• Handle multiple warehouses, racks and stock types
• Map warehouse to users

Distributor Connect

• Manage distributors orders and activities
• Connect to Dealer/Sales Executives

Marketing Updates

• Receive Updates on stock movements
• Product Analysis
• Promote products & schemes

Payment & Collection

• Manage collections on APP
• Invoice/Payments summary
• Send updates to clients via SMS/Email

Sales & Activity Management

• On field/Attendance tracking
• Expense management
• Activity management and monitoring
• Location information

Device & Security Management

• Lock devices issued to each team member
• Communicate with individual devices (users) or groups
• Block users/products on specific devices
• Revoke access to users and delete data centrally


Some of the key modules integrated in Bizmate

Schemes/Rewards And Points

If you have a retail outlet, then Bizmate is a perfect tool for you! Get increased sales by offering great schemes based on products, roles, regions, or any custom attribute using the scheme management system by Bizmate! And using the rewards and points system, expand your customer base while maintaining the existing clientele as it is a proven strategy that providing incentives leads to increased sales!

Stock And Inventory Management

Ensure that all your products stay in-stock with various comprehensive tools of Bizmate for inventory management! Manage the stock through a web-console or mobile admin panel anytime while receiving alerts when a product stock goes below the set limit.


The Barcode feature with integration of barcode printer and scanner provides an option to print barcode labels while adding products thus making data entry and capture seamless with reduced errors! With the NFC feature, manage your stock with a tap by using Bizmate on a phone with an NFC reader.

Tally Integration

With Bizmate you can instantly connect to Tally for Order / Stock / Receipt and Payment Synchronization. Also, get the Outstanding / Statement of Accounts from Tally to Bizmate!

Available on iOS and Android

We are on all leading platforms with an intuitive user interface that is on par with the best of industry standards.

App Screens

Developing user-friendly mobile apps with a great outlook is our expertise! Down here are some app screens of our trusted clients!

Bizmate Integrated Technologies

  • Java Integrated development environments (IDEs) can speed the process of developing and testing web applications

  • Android

  • IOS

  • AWS Server

  • PHP

  • Bootstrap

  • Jquery

  • And many more...

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