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Want to take your business to the next level where its reach is limitless and possibilities countless. Bizmate is the platforms that will catapult your business to the heights you have never imagined.

Our team of experts will help you automate your business and cater to all your digital needs to provide a truly flexible and customized solution.
Equipped with the right set of channels backed by latest technology platforms we provide your business can do wonders.

Whether you are a retailer trying to get online to attract buyers, a manufacturer who is trying to streamline his business or a distributor who is struggling to track his orders and customers. Bizmate is the answer to your questions. It can perfectly fit and adapt to your business.

Modern Designed Apps

We are on all leading platforms with intuitive user interface that is on par with the best of industry standards.


A website that can be configured by you in seconds to cater different kinds of end users. Also configure what the user sees based on his geographical location or different roles etc.

Management Console

A 360 degrees admin and management console with a notification system so that you never miss an order. Configure different roles which can fit anywhere in your supply chain to filter the right information for management.

Distribution and Management

With features of referal and loyalty programs bizmate perfectly fits in your marketing strategies and building distribution chain amongst the users.