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Bizmate provides printing Barcode Labels when adding Products which reduce errors and make data entry and capture seamless with barcode printer and scanner integration. And if you are using bizmate on a mobile with NFC reader you can manage your stock with a tap.

Stock/Inventory Management

Bizmate provides comprehensive tools to manage you inventory so that you are always adequately stocked all all times. You can manage stocks from our web console or mobile admin, Also receive product specific alerts when it goes under warning limit.

POS for Stores

Bizmate can be the perfect tool for your retail outlet. It's Pos features are sure to keep the sales counters performing at optimal capacity with Bluetooth and USB Printers integrated for printing invoices.

Tracking and Offline Mode for Sales Executives

Track your sales representatives in realtime to gather meaning full information as to which geographic regions is giving you sales and regions that need improvements and also increasing the efficieny by routing the sales team to right directions.

Schemes Management

With bizmate distribution is easier than ever with schemes which can be made based on products, roles, regions or any custom attribute. It's a proven strategy that providing better incentives has increased sales and managing the same is a lot more easier using Bizmate.